GRD Journal for Engineering’s Impact Factor (GRDJE)

GRD journals(Global Research and Development Journals) is an international open access online publication house which promotes the research works under different domains. For the research enthusiasts, the GRD Journals plays a key role of promoter. GRD journals along with the most popular indexing partners around the world puts its strong efforts for supporting an innovative, new and quality research work to reach maximum people as possible.
The establishment of this Journal, GRD Journals is an answer to the expectations and search of many researchers and teachers in developing nations who lack free access to quality materials online. This Journal opts to bring panacea to this problem, and to encourage research development.
GRD Journals aims to publish research articles of high quality dealing with issues which sets the new mark for outstanding developments in the field of research. Our quick interface will provide a platform to the research scholars for exchanging significant information and ideas to the world.
GRD Journal for Engineering
GRD Journal for Engineering (GRDJE) is an uprising peer-reviewed journal in the field of engineering journal. With simple procedure GRDJE provides a best framework to publish the quality research articles and gives it a global recognition. With a simple manuscript submission procedure GRDJE removes the overburden of complex things from authors through automatic procedure. In addition the review is done by professionals with strong educational background who thoroughly reviews your paper and gives the perfect analysis and suggestions if needed to improvise your research.
The GRD Journals automated process makes faster publication with indexing into global libraries.
  • Fast review process, peer-reviewed, security, flexible payment methods,  strong support, automated paper status, email and sms notification, open journal, strong review panel.
  • So what are you waiting for, we highly appreciate the creative research and believe giving the new researchers chance.
  • Peer based reviewing
  • Reviewers from relevant field with strong academics.
  • Easy, better and Fast publication
  • procedure Indexing in large number of reputed indexing libraries across world.
  • Providing E-Certificates and Hard Copy (Optional)
GRD Journal for Engineering published 2 conferences till now in one year.
GRD Journal for Engineering published more than 300 papers and still counting and we are happy now after getting of the first Impact Factor for our Journal.