Before writing know why we should write research papers. Here are benefits.

From today we are taking this initiative of educating authors for writing research papers. Writing research paper is bit tedious task.  As we know its necessity. In this blog post of GRD Journals, we need to answer this “WHY” first. As it’s the first thing any author would encounter.

Let us introduce ourselves first. We are in the online publishing industry for 3 years and have gone through many ups and downs to sharpen our experience with peer review and manuscript publishing.

Write Research Paper

So today, we want to answer this: Why do we write a research paper? Why it’s necessary and what is the significance of that?

To be honest, the research paper writing is not a homework which should be must. It rater is a responsibility to share your knowledge with the world in the best way it can get. We have seen many research articles and came to a conclusion which also applies to our day to day life.

A forced work is never innovative

Talking about the research paper writing… it is an innovative duty, the author invests a lot of effort doing it and it certainly is fun for those who actually are willing to do it.

Well, it has been a compulsory practice in universities to ask students to publish some research work which is true. A Ph.D. scholar should always have an experience about writing a research paper. After all, it is something he’ll come through entire his life.

So like we said, a forced work. We have observed in our reviewing process, that there are many students who are doing this unwillingly. Like a class 5th student doing his homework under his mother’s pressure. This is certainly wrong. A research paper is a piece of knowledge you’re adding to this whole knowledge base of the universe and you should be careful with it. Even if it’s true or not, if the work is published, it would be considered true. And someday a fellow might use it as a reference. And the whole world would learn wrong. You actually would end up sharing wrong information with the whole world.

Also writing a research paper is a proud work when you have something that infected the world

Think of Sir Albert Einstein, when he would have the same question. It’s his contribution that world is depended on. And he is still living in this world in form of one thing. His research. You can look at his work here if you have some more time. So writing a research paper is going to increase your virtual lifespan we can say J.

Now as you might be clear about writing a manuscript do these things before picking up the pen or putting your hands on the keyboard.

  • Think of a problem to research upon.
  • Find out the ways to solve it and compare them with existing ones.
  • Come to strong conclusions.
  • If not sure, repeat this.
  • Take notes on everything. Gather proofs and references.
  • Find a journal and write it in their format in brief understandable way.
  • Publish the work.

The things mentioned here are very brief we must say, yet understandable. We hope you’ll do little brainstorming and more internet search to know every aspect and put your penny in the knowledge treasure of this beautiful world.

Let us know how this helped you in comments/email. We would be glad to help you if you are stuck at anything. Best wishes for the next endeavors from entire GRD Journals team.

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